My first blog Little Tin Soldier was an homage to the classic fairy tale, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, by Hans Christian Andersen. The story chronicles the life of a toy soldier who falls in love with a paper ballerina. In January 2010, I launched Little Tin Soldier with the intention of drawing one picture everyday. I thought it would be fun to feature an illustration of a doll with its real life outfit. The blog grew over the years, and I became involved in wonderful projects like Texas Style Council, an annual conference for lifestyle bloggers. I collaborated with brands I wore and loved like Madewell and Cuyana. In 2012, I opened an Etsy shop, Though Very Humble. Through blogging, I fell in love with art again. I made friends in cities where I once felt homesick or lonely.

In August 2014, we welcomed a son. A year later, my postpartum anxiety was quickly turning to depression. After seeking help and receiving support and kindness from my family and friends, I slowly recovered. In that time period, I posted intermittently. I wanted to write and share and draw all the lovely things inside of my head but I couldn’t fill the archives like I previously did. I struggled with the modern balancing act of being a mother, a full-time schoolteacher, and a part-time creative. I realized first and foremost I needed to find myself again.

Here I am in 2020 when the story picks up, the chapters turn, and the titles change. It’s still a modern tale of art meets girl, girl meets guy, and a boy made three. Thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Linda