J A N U A R Y / / 2 0 2 1

  • Something Good: Congratulations to President Biden and our first Madame Vice President (MVP) Kamala Harris! I watched the inauguration during my lunch break. Who wasn’t in awe of Amanda Gorman?!
  • Something New: I’m hosting a student teacher this semester which is a new and rewarding experience. Basically I’m modeling how to play a teacher on television (aka Zoom). She seems to enjoy my sense of humor.
  • Something Challenging: My PCP has been telling me I need to exercise for thirty minutes each day, and I’ve been telling her, have you ever taken care of a gaggle of five-year-olds for a living? I quit putting it off and I invested in a decent spin bike using my first bonus ever. If you use the Peloton app, follow me at xofromtx and I’ll follow you back!
  • Something Sweet: My dear friend Sharon sent me a bunch of hand-me-down J.Crew final sale items including a vibrant pink eyelet sundress. I can’t wait to wear it on my birthday in two months.
  • Something Fun: We kept the Christmas magic going by decorating our mantle for New Year’s Day. Henry and I used cardboard to make star stencils and cut stars out of watercolor paper and an old finger painting.
  • Something Bourgeois: I caved to the luxury sneaker market and bought a pair of Golden Goose shoes. How did I do it? I stopped buying trinkets and trendy tops at TJ Maxx for almost a year; I love TJ Maxx though!
  • Something on Repeat: I discovered Hazel English through a Pandora station. I love her album Just Give In / Never Going Home.
  • Something Incredible: Our school district was able to secure a small supply of vaccines for specific groups of teachers. I qualified as an early childhood educator, and I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine in January. My arm was sore for thirty-six hours afterwards, similar to how I feel after getting a normal flu shot. I’ll receive my second dose next week. I hope the vaccine will be available to more teachers in our city soon.

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